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How to Read Auras


An aura is usually 3 feet from your physical body, however an incest or rape survivor has an aura about 50 to 150 feet around them, which means in a movie theater or a bus/train you just sit right down into all their stuff!!! Tonya Somers can clean this off of you daily with the monthly continual healing program or she can do it once in your healing session. Every day we deal with every aura that we come into contact with and everyone at the end of each day should cleanse their aura.

To cleanse your aura at home or office, burn sage to burn out the negative and then burn incense or sweet grass to bring in the positive energy. After you have burnt all the yuck out your space, spray lavender or your perfume in your office, home and behind all your doorways where energy has built up. If you cannot get any of these things then spray YOUR perfume in your space so the house knows it your house and no negative energy can stay.

Explanations of the color in any aura:

They are adventurous with everything in life be it: food, travel and sexual partners. Because of their devil-may-care approach to life they often find themselves in hot water. Red Aura people are quick to anger and can lose their temper over the slightest thing. But on the upside they are generous with their time and energy when called upon for help. They also tend to leave lots of unfinished ventures and people in their wake. What you see is what you get with the open and up front Red Aura individual.

Yellow Aura people are analytical, logical and very intelligent. They tend to excel in careers that involve teaching and study and make excellent inventors and scientists. Yellow Aura people have very good observation skills and can read people easily. They possess extremely good perception. Yellow Aura people are perfectly happy in their own company and do not suffer loneliness. The Yellow Aura individual is a brilliant communicator and can display their skills on a one to one basis and in front of large crowds. They are confident in their abilities to get their ideas and messages across and will inspire others.

Loving and giving by nature. They love to be loved too, they gather around them close friends and family at every opportunity. Yet they are the true warrior, they will not give up when they are right and they usually are. They have a high regard for their health and will look after their bodies with good diet, nutrition and exercise. They are very romantic and once they have found their soul mate will stay faithful, loving and loyal for life. They are strong willed and highly disciplined and will expect high standards from others. They have strong values and morals and seldom deviate from them. Always a natural healer, highly sensitive to the needs of others and has strong psychic abilities and many creative ideas and strong imaginations.

Really creative individuals take the form of practical matters such as gardening, cooking and home decorating. They have a fine eye for beauty and will ensure their appearance and clothing, home and surroundings are both practical and beautiful. Green Aura people tend to be very popular, admired and respected. They make for very successful people and can create much wealth and prosperity for themselves. Green Aura people like security, stability and balance in their lives.

The Orange Aura individual is normally good hearted, kind and honest. They are very in tune to the emotions of others and can sense and feel their pain and joy. Orange Aura people can be very charming, but part of their charm is in their sensitivity to others. They have the ability to make everyone feel at ease in their company. The Orange Aura individual can be hot headed and quick to lose their temper. But on the positive side they are equally quick to forgive and forget if a sincere apology is offered and accepted. They do not hold grudges.

Purple Aura people are highly psychic, attuned to the emotions and moods of others and very sensitive. People who have a predominant amount of purple in their Aura are seen as mysterious and secretive. The Purple Aura individual possesses a philosophical, inquiring and intuitive mind. They love to learn and never stop exploring and inquiring into new subjects and areas that interest them. They tend to be unlucky in love but once they have found their perfect soul mate is loyal and loving for life, they connect well with animals and nature. They are attuned to animals and can sense their emotions and feelings.

Totally blue Auras are quite rare but can show up as one of the boldest Aura colors in people with strong personalities. They are the master communicators of the world. They have the ability to convey their thoughts, ideas, views and concepts eloquently and charismatically. They make for excellent writers, poets and politicians. They are highly intelligent and very intuitive. They certainly have the head and heart balanced in making difficult decisions and choices.

Gold Aura people are lovers of beauty and have a very artistic flair. They appreciate the finer things in life and like to adorn themselves and their homes with items of exquisite beauty. They love to entertain and prefer the company of many. They do not feel intimated by being the center of attention – just the opposite in fact as they like to be the sparkling gem in a stunning crown. Many people would call them snobby. The charm and charisma displayed by the Gold Aura personality adds to their attractiveness. They are great listeners and can make anyone feel comfortable, important and interesting in their company. Gold Aura people hate to be criticized and cannot stand any of their flaws exposed. Their main flaw is that they are always being overly lavish. They are very proud and fiercely independent and extremely reluctant to ask for help from anyone.

Silver Aura people are exceptionally gifted. How they use their gifts wisely is their life lesson.

Silver Aura individuals are bestowed with sensitivity, intuitiveness, psychic ability and practicality. They can use their spiritual understanding in very practical ways. Because this they can relate to many people and are often found in teaching, mentoring or counseling careers. People who have predominant silver Auras are seen as very attractive. They attract many admirers. But Silver Aura people are very discerning and choose their friends carefully and their lovers very carefully. They tend to be well blessed in looks, personality and talent and as such are seen as incredibly lucky people.

Light Brown indicates confusion or discouragement. The lack of confidence in one’s self, the present situation or in the subject being addressed. Dark Brown indicates selfishness, fault finding, and a tendency toward deception.

Indicates hatred, negativity, major illness or depression, cheap, miserly. This color is always a bad sign. If you close your eyes and try to put a color to what someone is saying to you, if it is dark they are a liar. When you go out to purchase a car shut your eyes and look at the aura or feel the energy of your sales person, if you hear or feel black or gray do not buy that car from this person.

Remember to ask Tonya during your reading what your colors are and your loved ones to.

Each one of our chakra’s should be open yet protected. They often close as a protective measure after a major illness or any shock to your physical system, such as any abuse, rape, large doses of medicines, car accidents, emotional abuse, long stays in a hospital, negative work environment, or sleeping next to a negative partner.

We can fix this together in a healing session or a monthly healing program. It is important to open them up if they are closed during a healing session to prevent future illness.

1st Chakra (Base or Root Chakra)
This is red and it is grounded with your power. The base Chakra is located at the base of the spine. When the root Chakra is open, you feel in good health and connected with your physical body. It is used to ground your essence into your physical body. This Chakra gives you determination, grounds you and aids in survival in the physical realms. When the root Chakra is balanced, masculine and feminine energy work together to make you strong and vital.

2nd Chakra (Spleen or Sexual Chakra)
This one is orange. It is used for creativity, vitality and sexual expression and creates the balance between connectedness with other people and time spent alone. The spleen Chakra is located in the sexual organs– ovaries in women and testes in men.

3rd Chakra (Solar Plexus Chakra)
The color is yellow. Yellow is very good for getting in touch with your power and to build confidence. It is your center of will. This Chakra deals with the human ego, emotions, and self-love. The solar plexus Chakra is located near the stomach. The primary urge of this Chakra is free will.

4th Chakra (Heart Chakra)
This is green. This Chakra deals with physical healing, balance, harmony, compassion, and love. The heart Chakra is located near the heart. The heart Chakra is most important in all facets of love. When it is balanced, you trust in others, take risks, love and feel loved.

5th Chakra (Throat Chakra)
This is blue. This Chakra deals with communication and expression. The throat Chakra is located near the thyroid gland. Opening this Chakra allows you to speak the truth and to express your true feelings with love.

6th Chakra (Third Eye Chakra)
This is indigo, a combination of red and blue. This Chakra deals with clairvoyance and mental activity. The third eye Chakra is located in the center of the forehead. When this Chakra is open, you experience spiritual wisdom and enlightenment. It is the center of physical and spiritual understanding.

7th Chakra (Crown or Christ Consciousness Chakra)
The color for this Chakra is a mixture of Silver, Gold and White and Violet. It is the combination of All that Is and the Divine Connection. The crown Chakra is located at the top of the head.

The silver is the feminine energy of creation, the gold is the masculine energy of creation, and the white/violet light is about truth and clarity which gives you clear vision of the truth and protection. When this Chakra is open, you connect with your clarity and higher spirit within and the source of the Golden Light comes into your energy field.