As I sit here on the Oregon coast feeling the world rocking and rolling below me, I am really relieved to have all my healing gems & healing crystals in my office, they do make me feel much safer – but I can feel the earth moving and I can tell we are about to have a large quake – probably right here, both my daughter Tasha and I are feeling it big time. It is hard to ignore when the chairs move and the beds shake….I know they are also little hiccups the Earth does to relieve pressure, yet I do not like this feeling. I know I am grateful to not be living in Tornado Alley or Hurricane cuz they just pick up it all & it is just gone – you can recover from an Earthquake much easier.

Anyway – back to the gems – the entire site is now 75% off – it is going to stay that way – so that I need to somewhat compete with the big box stores – in order to move the product to be able to get all the new ones in stock for all of you that love what I sell. Am working on it so spread the site as far as you can & thanks!