Mercury retrograde is finally over and I truly hope we never have one like this one ever again.  I didn’t want to be right about the quakes – but any and every time there is a Mercury Retrograde and a full or new Moon there will always be a quake & they have been getting bigger, so we just need to stay alert those 3 times each year. It is actually just simple Science.

Mercury is in Gemini, which is all about communication and it requires or demands that we look deep and listen to all messages and information, that come our way. Remember these can come thru your television, commercials, radio, billboards, newspapers, other people’s conversations or comments, etc. Pay Attention. Listen. Early Wednesday morning, Moon shifts into fiery Aries to activate the shifts and changes that are moving in during the last minute retrograde phase. The similar energy with Mercury and with Moon in Aries brings in the opportunities to make different decisions that will begin to unfold as Mercury turns direct and the momentum of forward progress becomes visible again.

Early Friday Neptune turns retrograde to reveal a new spiritual journey that will be phased into the picture as Mercury turns to unfold new options and opportunities. Many new beginnings are right in front of all of us and they are going to happen really fast, light of speed fast, you turn around and your life changed. The surprise element of June 7th through June 13th provides the gift and positive surprise that shifts attitude, outlook and goals.

The good news is that Mercury ends a three-week Retrograde cycle at 5:33 PM. Interesting to note who shows up today and what happens as Mercury stops backing up, this is the time for your HAPPY DANCE IT IS OVER!

We are now ready for many GOOD changes and we all have deserved them, the energy has really changed to positive and we have all gotten used to the negative energy all around us – breathe in the new air – all new starts this month! Healing gems are good to be wearing during this time and they are all on sale at 70% off on &

This month breathe and be ready for so many new things coming onto all our pathways in this lifetime!