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Psychic Readings


Your personal search has paid off in a wonderful way because
You truly have found an honest, authentic, accurate, psychic!

You have either found this web site because a friend sent you here, or your Spirit Guides led you right here. Tonya once had a man tell her that he picked up a book he had for over 10 years, and her business card fell out into his lap. He had never heard of her; of course this was a sign and they did a reading that day.

Many times when people find a psychic for the first time, they may feel nervous or anxious. Tonya is very careful in how she tells you the things that come to her, truly all the messages that are relayed to her are important for your life, she will put you at ease, and you will feel like old friends by time your session is over. The time typically goes quickly, which is why it is recommended to do the 90 minute special.

During a session to speak to a passed-on loved one, you, a couple, or an entire family can be on the phone with Tonya at the same time. This is especially handy if you require psychic couples counseling. This is just like marriage counseling, but she can tell you exactly what you both need to do to make your partnership work in the long-term. Tonya will tell you what she sees about each of you, and will help you to see each other more clearly. As an added bonus, she will then provide you with new tools to begin the work to help get your family back on track.

Before Tonya begins her session with you, she will tune in on you and your energy for 30 minutes, so please be relaxed and in a peaceful place and peaceful state of mind, maybe light a candle or some incense in preparation. You will receive the best reading if you are prepared and in a quiet place at the time of your reading. If a dog barks or a child comes in the room, no worries; life happens and that is why you are talking after all.

Tonya is known for being honest and tough sometimes, because she is not the type to sugarcoat an issue. Tonya’s goal is to empower her clients and this begins by telling them the truth. She will not tell you just what you want to hear, she will always tell you the truth and nothing but the truth.

Here is an explanation of the readings and what our time together will include:

30 minutes:
Usually a few specific questions about 2 to 3 subjects, not a lot of time to get too deep; usually love and career are the plan. This is better for a follow-up, not a first reading.

45 minutes:
Same as above, but we have more time to really delve into some more about you and what’s going on. Sometimes we have time to talk about your kids here too.

60 minutes:
This reading covers all the subjects. It gives us time to get into other really important things like: energy attacks, work issues, and childhood patterns and how to break them. This reading does not include balancing / healing, or speaking to passed-on loved ones.

Suggested 90 minutes:
This reading includes healing / balancing of your Chakras and an aura cleansing. This will remove any energy that makes you ill from other people thinking about you, or that you have been with in this lifetime, and other lifetimes. Say you have female issues, I remove the chords from your prior lover that is still hooked in, and usually the physical issues disappear. We will look at your past lives, get your spirit guides names and messages. Each question you need or want to ask will be answered during this time about anything.

The OH Deck explanation:
I normally do not need any tools or tarot cards, the OH deck is a like a gift from God! This deck is a miracle, add my psychic ability along with my psychology degree this is a forever life changing tool. It consists of two decks, one is large with the same word on all 4 sides, then a smaller deck, when I shuffle it, I am asking the same question, then the picture goes onto the word card and together it tells your story and together we get your total answer to all / any of your life long questions. This reading can take up to two hours so be relaxed and be ready so that you can be totally psychically open.