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Healing Gems and Tonya Somers’ can heal the energy in your home

I have had many requests lately to do an energy cleanse of your home, I can do this from afar. Have done this for many homes, restaurants, apartments buildings, guest homes over the years. It costs a 2 month family healing price of $400 and if you want the cross and things included it is $500. I meant to put this in the last blog post, so if you need this service email me and then just pay pay pal the $400 or $500 amount.

You will be amazed our your home feels when I am done with it, reference’s possible.

May the Universe support you and bring you love
May the Universe bring you as much food as you need
May the Universe bring you abundance in all forms
May it bring you power, health, wealth and happiness
May the Heavens and Guardians hold you close
May you be continually blanketed in warmth of sunlight
May all surround you as if in a cave of bright healing crystals
May you remember to thank the Universe daily and share
May you be covered in the warmth of green/purple Healing Energy

Own your Spiritual Power it is your birth right, hold onto it tight

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