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Client Testimonials

Thanks for a beautiful reading Tonya….You have put words to my deep-rooted feelings and beliefs. Now I have the confirmation that it is possible to have ALL my heart desires and that there is no longer a need to compromise for living my passion….I am ready for it and so excited about the future and how it will all unfold. I am sure you are totally right, I have total confidence in your gifts.In deep appreciation and gratitude for your work. Blessings and light from Asia.


Hi Tonya,You have been doing readings for me – for over 30 years now, thru divorce, custody issues, men that did not work out & then the hardest my daughter turning into a drug addict and I just wanted you to know that you were correct: my daughter passed away on March 11.

Gudrun M

WOW, Tonya I was almost dead, the doctors had put me thru 60 tests, should have called you first, the first thing you asked me if I had been on vacation, swimming in river water & I had just gotten home from Sun River – one test later – it was from rat poop – I was going blind and dying – THANK YOU FOREVER

Teri A

Hi Tonya! Happy holidays! I had a reading with you 2 weeks and I asked if you saw any warnings for me. You said I was going to get a nail in my back, left tire. I ended up with one in my front, left tire. That actually makes me happy because it makes me definitely believe that my dog will be around for about 3 more years and makes me feel good about the positive things that you saw for me coming my way. Thank you for your help.


Hi Tonya,I just wanted to Thank you for the reading today. It’s the first reading I’ve ever done with anyone and I had a good experience. I am really hoping and praying that what you see is right on, as it is exactly what my heart desires 🙂 I will keep you posted.


Tonya,I just have to tell you…it’s been a couple years since I talked to you and you were exactly RIGHT about my TRUE LOVE!! The guy that I had called to talk to you about was definitely NOT for me, I didn’t want to hear but you were so adamant, I listened to you! Here’s the strange part: My love’s name is Ryan too and their birthdays are 1 day apart. We are getting married now. You’re AMAZING!! Talk to you soon.


Tonya Somers is a true healer/protector and psychic. I have been lifted up countless times from her healing’s. She balances and heals the chakras and I wake feeling like a new person with having the help from a truly virtuous person who is straightforward, truthful and will honestly help with major life issues. I have had many difficult situations in the past two years pop up in my life, without Tonya, I can honestly say from my heart I am not sure I would still be here.She is caring to the point of dropping everything to aid someone in need. Countless times she does this for me, and if an emergency occurs she responds almost immediately if not immediately. If you want true guidance ALONG with HEALING I HIGHLY recommend Tonya! A friend with tolerance and patience to the utmost, she will do whatever it takes to help.

There many people in our world that are “psychic”. Tonya is much, much more than just a true psychic. She is an amazing psychic, yes. But the healing/love /truth only have I experienced with her because she speaks the truth. Sometimes I might not want to listen, but she has been right every time! I can’t say this about anyone but her.

Thank you ….for being YOU!! You are Huge and Precious Gift to us all.

Stephanie T

Tonya!Kendall is now on her way up to look at this amazing place. $400 including utilities. She will not be alone, but have her own kitchenette. She can have Nikki and her snake (and even board her horse). Amazing. She is following a guy on a Harley (the husband) up to the house now to see it. There is a fenced yard for their dogs, pasture to run in. Everything she wanted!!!

She is telling me that moving out for a week into a yoga studio and then moving to this place would tip her over the edge, and wants to move directly into this place when it is ready in a week. Emmy and these new yogi connections all over Bozeman want her to move out NOW!!! Mom and I will be there. I told her she has these safe houses to go to if she wants.

You mentioned you thought Casey would be out of town next week. That may work out perfectly. I would feel A LOT more comfortable if he was out of the way during this, especially with his gun collection.

This is all happening because these people did not question, and knew the source….YOU. I feel like crying from joy!!!! Whenever I say thank you to you, it means more than can ever be explained….

Your Adoring Fan and Friend for Life,

Shelly G.

Hello, Tonya!I hope that 2015 has been treating you well so far!

I got the Blue Sapphire earrings this week, and I LOVE them! They are gorgeous! In fact, I am wearing them and the ruby right pendant now. I feel so EMPOWERED! Ha ha!

I wore the earrings for the first time yesterday, and within a few hours, a recruiter called me about a great temp opportunity with iHeartMedia! So I think these babies are working their MAGIC already! Thank You for the healing this month, as well! It feels good to know that you are working on me during this time. Everything is going to work out great!

Have a Wonderful Weekend, My Love!


When I talked to Tonya 3 years ago, I had just suffered through 2 very sad miscarriages and the doctors were telling me to give up on having that child. I was 45 years old at the time, but I just couldn’t let go of the feeling that this little girl was meant to come into my life.I talked to Tonya late one night when the pain had become nearly unbearable, and she reassured me that she was SURE that I would have this little girl and also that she would be normal and healthy. This prediction seemed to contradict numerous doctors’ predictions, yet somehow I knew there was hope after hearing it from Tonya. As I hung up the phone that night, it was the first time that I was able to feel the pain start to release.

Finally, about 8 months later, I found out I was pregnant. After 2 miscarriages, I was afraid to feel happy about it until I actually held my little baby in my arms with tears streaming down my face. The doctors were all surprised, yet Tonya wasn’t surprised at all.

As my beautiful daughter is nearing her 2nd birthday, I can thankfully say that Tonya’s other prediction that my little girl would be normal and healthy has also come true.

Tonya’s prediction not only comforted me through a very difficult period of my life, but it also gave me guidance to keep trying – my precious little girl was truly going to come into my life after all.

Thank you, Tonya!


Thank you so much. I don’t know how you do what you do but I thank God, guides, angels, and higher powers that brought me to you. I will never forgot or lose sight of all you do. I know I have said that to you a lot but as a therapist who works with so many people and never knows if it helps or if I made a difference I feel the urge to always let you know how grateful and thankful I am for you and everything you do. Not just for me but for all the people’s lives you touch.I was talking to my therapist today who actually called you because she was so amazed by the work from last time. She spoke very highly of you. She probably never told you this but she is actually really famous in the field of psychology. She has published textbooks and her work is known worldwide. She doesn’t really have a lot of client anymore she spends most of her time teaching, researching, and writing. I was talking to her today about everything going on and she was actually the one who suggested I ask you about a healing on J. So whatever you did for her she seems to be very impressed by you.

I am constantly referring you and will continue to as long as you continue to take referrals. You are amazing! I actually have another friend who will probably be contacting you in the next week or so. I can’t ever say enough good things about you. I don’t know how you do what you do but your work always proves to be nothing short of amazing. I always knew there is/was a piece of therapy missing.


Hey Tonya,You were right about requesting a full bloodwork to see what was causing my problems. I have Vitamin E toxicity! The number should be from 4.6 to 17.8 and mine was a “21.4”. The lady taking my blood was asking why my doctor was checking my vitamin E because that is not a common test. Currently, I have at least half of those symptoms listed below.
Thanks again for your awesomeness!!
• Vitamin E toxicity occurs when large amounts of vitamin E are taken over an extended period of time.
Symptoms of Overdose and Toxicity
If you are taking large doses of vitamin E and you experience any of the following symptoms, then you may be experiencing vitamin E toxicity or overdose:
o Nausea
o Gastric distress
o Fatigue
o Headaches
o Abdominal cramps
o Diarrhea
o Easy bruising
o Prolonged bleeding
o Muscle weakness
o Double vision
o Hemorrhagic stroke

Thank you – you saved my life literally


Hey Tonya,I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your newsletter every month… It has been especially important to me this past few days. Your alert last week for medical watch was really right on, went straight to the Dr. and now, I am working on getting well. Without your heads up every month, I know I would have crashed and burned a long time ago.

Yours in Spirit,

Sandra R.

TonyaYou constantly amaze me, You have not been wrong once in 15 years!! Thanks for the insight last night. My friend said to thank you for seeing that my pug “Bud” was stung in the eye by a bee when she was watching him. She does have a garden in the back of her house so it makes perfect sense! We both have been so upset about his eye cuz there was no explanation for his eye until now! We have both relaxed now.

You are also right about the whole job thing, I think it is going to be okay…..We are all nervous but people who are coming in really like the place. Truthfully, I am much more relaxed there than the old place so that’s a plus. Every day the job gets a little better, starting to get regulars. Think you made a good call on this one!!!! I think it is going to take off soon.

You have never been wrong….I would not be alive today, if you had not told me NOT to go into the house that night when my ex was hiding in the attic with the gun, I will always owe you my life.

Take care,


You did a reading for me last Wednesday regarding my brother Rick Blanche who passed. At the end, you suggested I email you to see if you could find out from Rick about whether he can get a location on the diamonds you say are
still hidden in my dad’s house. We are now taking up all the floorboards and we are starting to find interesting papers!
The reading was amazing and had a great impact on me, and I thank you so much. Words can barely express it. Thank you for your good work and for your great way with doing these readings.

Nancy J

Hi Tonya,Very interesting things you say in this newsletter and I wanted to say thank you because it helped me keep alert when to just not say anything at all. It just amazes me how men force the women to become a nag because if you are not constantly in their face about it, they don’t do it or keep doing what they agreed to before that they would not do at all.
Reading your email helped me to just keep quiet about so many things this weekend with him. It helped me to have a more pleasant weekend.

Thank you very much!


Hi Tonya,It is now my turn to write a testimonial for your site! When I was researching psychics I read so many of yours and wondered if I would have such glowing things to say, as well. And guess what, I do!

When I booked yesterday’s appointment I was quite nervous and skeptical! Were you the real deal? What if you told me something I couldn’t handle? But I immediately felt totally comfortable on the phone with you – like talking to an old friend. And you delivered all the information in a way I could absorb and process. My husband, a super-sceptic, was listening in some of the time, as well. He was not raised to believe in psychics, etc., but was really able to hear you. He’s been mulling over your counsel and is already taking appropriate action.

I am a total believer and can’t wait to see how everything plays out in the next few months so I can write you to say, “You were right!”

Best of luck until our next chat.

Jen – Seattle, WA

Tonya,Just a note to tell you thank you for taking the time to speak to me, as usual, you have provided and incredible insight that has helped me in this situation and allowed me to see things as they truly are and act in a manner that has facilitated a greater understanding of my situation.

Although, words cannot convey my gratitude to you, I still just wanted to say thank you and tell you how much I appreciate your help. I know I will be talking to you for the next 30 or 40 years.



Hi!I just found your site on line….and am so glad I did, as I read the section about soulmates I believe it 100%.

I had gone through some of that craziness with at least 3 persons, and had six love traumas all in all. Anyway with those six persons including the crazy makers one of them was for sure, after our “good-bye”

I had suicidal thoughts for 3 months. And cried for more than one year… I talked with many mediums and searched for answers… until I saw your website, I was confused–not anymore!


Janne from Sweden

Thank you Tonya,I’ll definitely have my ears and eyes open though and take a good opportunity if it appears in the near future! Will love to do another reading with you in a couple of months! You’re the first person to have done a reading on the phone that actually showed to care. And that means a great deal in my book! Thank you!



Hi Tonya,As always, great talking with you last night….I would so much rather call you than a therapist!!! It’s so nice to bounce stuff of you, so thanks 😉

Wow, I have been talking to you for over 24 years now!


Hi Tonya,It pays to read your newsletters. 🙂 I tried to find your email about not doing any important requests or become a member of something as it won’t last on certain days in August. I live my life by them now, printed and on my desk!


Hi there.Okay, I shit you not when I tell you this, but the day after you worked on my house to rid it of my unwanted house guest, the energy changed. I had been struggling for MONTHS to get things organized. I had a pile of crap on the dining room table that even when I cleared it off, ended up right back on it. I just thought at first I was in a funk because Edward was gone and then I thought it was the holidays and I was just not motivated, maybe a bit depressed. But when you did that, the NEXT DAY I cleaned and organized the kitchen and dining room. (I have my table back!) And it has stayed that way.

The shift in energy was so profound that I started this cleaning frenzy while I had the flu. The kids had all been sick and I finally caught what they had, but it didn’t even stop me. It is nothing short of amazing how much lighter the house feels. I still have to finish the attic, and I am working on it, but when I was up there last weekend, I felt alone. Which was a good thing. Prior, I was avoiding the attic at all costs and telling the kids they couldn’t play up there because I needed to clean it. It was hard on them because that’s where all their toys are! I think in the future I am going to avoid houses with attics and basements. They are clutter collectors for one, but I just don’t like them.

Anyway, thank you for getting rid of that spirit. I hope he doesn’t come back!


Dear Tonya,I can’t thank you enough for last night. I had been just totally depressed for several days, since I saw that lady I mentioned, who made everything my fault. And this morning I felt like a different person. I am soooo happy. I can’t believe how happy and free I feel today. Like a ton of bricks has been lifted off me. I can’t thank you enough.

It really helps to know my neighbor is “emotionally challenged.” It explains a lot and I feel sorry for her. Just knowing that chimes could hurt one person’s ears and you take them down, it is a pleasure to know you, I wish you were my neighbor!

Also, I’ve been going to a therapist for several years now, and I was bubbling all over when I saw him today, telling him about what went on last night. I mentioned you had taken your chimes down, which I thought was very thoughtful of you. But he said it wasn’t necessary to take them down unless someone asks you to. But I really admire you for the thought, Tonya.

Again, thank you so, so much. You have really changed my life, Tonya. I can’t thank you enough.


Wow!!! NOT that you need validation, and NOT that I need validation of your gifts, but dang!! My mom and I went out to dinner with Michael to a fun Caribbean place with live music and stayed for SIX HOURS!!!!!!!!! It was crazy!! He used to talk about how he wanted to leave Atlanta. But instead he said he doesn’t want to leave, he’s going to miss it so much here, this is where he wants to be, he’s going to move back here as soon as he can and will come here for all his vacations, although he won’t get any for 3 months. I mentioned that I have some friends in Miami, and he said, “Road trip!!” My mom invited him to hang out with our whole family for the holidays, and he said, “That sounds wonderful!!”Anyway, your reading it hit on so many things you’d said, I just wanted to share!!!
Take care and thanks again so much!!

J J Music of the Spheres

Hi Tonya,A person, recently, told me Las Vegas (as well as other desert cities) is going to run out of water and become a ghost town w/n the next few yrs. For some reason I question it. The energy of the southwest is so strong and LA, Phoenix, LV create such a powerful triangle. Just thought I’d run it by you. What do you think? You run through my head at times and I give you mental hugs. You do such great work, and I hope you know how important you are helping people stay grounded through these Earth changes.


Ok you’re right about my unemployment! It went thru today, they said the employer was too fague on my firing… Denny told unemployment that TY said I had a couple customer complaints about rudeness so they had no choice but to fire me, what a crock of ….. so at least that went thru! YAY!!!Oh and I had a phone call from a “concerned” customer today! Ann says I’m really really concerned about you blah blah blah….. Long story short she says I hope you’re not retaliating against the bar or maybe thinking about it blah blah blah….. SO something obviously has been stirred up in there! Double YAY for the day!!!


Hi Tonya!I just wanted to say you really helped me Sunday with our conversation. Pretty much everything you said was totally right on, and I don’t know how, but I feel a much greater sense of peace concerning the guy I talked to you about. Anyways, thank you! It made a difference! You were able to sum up things about my personality and life that therapists couldn’t put together after a year, and said it in a way that really made sense to me.

Talk to you again next month,


Hi, there, Julia;I have been a client of Tonya’s for over 20 years. She is honest and insightful with her readings. She has never tried to pressure me into readings and is there when I NEED her.

She has been amazingly accurate and instrumental over the years in helping me to clean up the clutter in my mind at times, and frequently is able to relax my life so that I am not afraid of some of the things up ahead, but look forward to them. She is someone who seeks to problem-solve with her clients and improve their future.

Tonya is also flexible. If you want a list of questions answered, she is there. Make sure you want her to be honest at all times, because she will be. No game-playing.

Enjoy the connection!


Shelly G

Tonya,I did keep my disability just like you said. Thank you. Still working on everything else. I have to say I feel much better after speaking to you. Stress is down, and I have been waking up in morning feeling better. Instead of having a racing negative mind and feeling like crap every morning. My brain is dreaming and thinking positive. I feel more rested. Like I used too. Is it the healing? Lack of stress after speaking to you. I don’t know but thank you!!


Dear Tonya:Just received the jewels in the mail yesterday but didn’t have a chance to open them until today. First of all they are STUNNING! Second of all you are extremely generous and thoughtful with the extra pair of earrings and Demi’s purple stones! I look forward to seeing how they will work for all of us especially Demi.

Now I don’t know if you did this by accident or on purpose but Demi’s birthstone is the Amethyst so I don’t know if you realized that when you picked the purple gem stones for him. Again thank you so much! I hope 2015 for you is filled with health, happiness, wealth, abundance and prosperity!