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Standard Rates

Now is the time to make all the changes in your life you always wanted to make but maybe didn’t truly know why or how to make them Tonya Somers has all your answers waiting for you!!

Psychic Session Reading Rates:

Each reading needs at least 30 minutes – especially for the first reading. One of the biggest problems with the psychic lines is that the readers that work them are feeling rushed so you do not get as accurate of a reading. Best for both of us to be relaxed and ready to spend some time together and then you will get only accurate answers from me during your reading.

Tips always accepted

Go to the pay pal drop down prices, to the right – to pay for all your services requested, the services that are not included in the blocks directly above – are included in the drop down menu prices for the monthly individual or family/office healing’s – cleansing of your home or office.

Please be patient

The reason you need to pre pay is to reserve your spot for your reading or healing. There are no refunds – you are pre-paying to schedule our precious time together. Our time together is not for entertainment purposes, and is taken vary seriously.

Please be patient it may take a day to get an appointment this site is not for instant gratification, please do not call a 900 type line if are trying to make life changing decisions, that you may wish you could take back.  Some of those 900 type sites can cost you over $400 to talk to someone that you do not know nor should you trust their advice. I have long term relationships with my clients – many of those sites just want to make money – yes is the way I also make my living but you can trust me. You can wait for a day get Tonya for $150.00 to $200.00 – some of the lines are really real – but you are taking the gamble on the advice you choose to take, if you call one please go with your gut. Remember the first thought you have is always right on the money – if you do not feel right about them hang up & wait for Tonya Somers’ she is worth your wait.

Please be patient with me reason you need to pre pay is to reserve your spot for your reading or healing.  The reason you are pre-paying is to schedule your precious time together. She takes you seriously & so should you – this is not for entertainment purposes.

Tonya’s appointment times for your reading or healing with her

Open for readings – 7 days a week – hours are most likely going to be from 5 pm PST to 2 am PST time zone

Monthly Healing Program Rates

Monthly/Daily Wellness program for one person ……. $150

Monthly/Daily Wellness program for your family and/or business……$200

With the monthly programs you also get unlimited email questions.

Once we have reached a decision that you want the monthly healing or the one time healing session, you can then order a gem to hold the psychic energy protection for you to wear daily or to lay be your bed side all the time & you will be directed to the More Than Gems site to make your purchase. Depending on the gem you choose you may get discount from me it just depends on the room that I am able to do this per each gem, the larger the stone the better the psychic energy is held.

Has the Universe has been kicking all of your literal butt?

Whether your house is haunted or you have gone thru a huge energy change from stress/anxiety. When you sit in your home and are crying, stressed or drinking too much or a partner has had these issues, it will build up a lot of negative energy – let me clear it for you. You will feel so much healthier within 2 to 3 days.

Some people burn sage or incense to cleanse and make the energy better but if it is really dark energy it is hard to do it on your own and that is where I come in, I cleanse your home and send you some tools to help at the same time, you get to keep the crystals, gems and incense.

For the last 35 years, I have gone out and cleared energy from houses, restaurants, hotels, motels, offices now for the last 10 years – I have been doing them from afar now and they work really well. Most of your homes either felt great when you moved in or it truly did not – I can fix it and restore your place to be a peaceful not stressed out environment.

Have you been depressed, living with someone who is/was, are you an alcoholic, lived in the energy of one? Have you had visitors that drained you energetically, family members that are like that and dropped all that energy in your home?

Did you have the unwanted house guest that just left you feeling drained – we need to get that energy gone before it makes you physically ill – living in dense thick energy will make you ill. It can also make people feel not comfortable in your home and you will notice people do not hang out anymore.

So if you are ready to feel better each day, to sleep well rested, to laugh again to not feel scared in your own home, if you wish own your own power let me make it better. Do you want that happy feeling back? You came to the right place – I can make that happen for you!


Psychic Energy Healing House/Home/Office:


I have been doing a lot of energy clearing lately on your homes/offices – you get many things from this service….it cleans your entire house energetically, you sleep better, you can work easier yet more with less stress, feel happier it gets rid of depression & stress energy left behind from prior renters, owners, lovers, got divorced, children with issues, manic depression, alcohol or drug issues all this leave bad energy behind, studying for a test can build up stress energy. I will cut all the chords to the people you need to be done with, if you are hung up on someone can’t seem to just let go……..I will get it done.

Here are the three ways I do this, I can do this for you too

  • We do this together…..you are on the phone with me for about 90 minutes, you can record this & use my voice later when you wish to do it on your own…..you will be helping on your end so you will learn how to do this for yourself or family.  You will be burning candles, incense, banging pots and pan lids or ringing bells though out the house, each room, basement, yard etc. We will be on the phone the whole time.

When we are done you will know how to meditate, how to balance your aura, chakras and energy on your own. You will know how to do the energy clearing.

You will need to buy your own incense, sage, candles, bells, or drums. You will buy the gems at a discount rate.

This service cost is: $250

  • This one – I do all the work for you – this I do over a 2 month period daily, I work thru the gems I send you for free in the program, you can later wear them or lay them around and it will always bring you good energy.  Unlimited free emails regarding all of this for 2 months time.

This service cost is: $500

  • Haunted house/restaurant/office: I do this alone…..but I will be sending a lot of stuff in the mail, usually about 7 crosses one to put above each door, some incense of mine, holy water, some gems that need to around the home for awhile, you do get unlimited emails with me when I am doing this work for 2 months.

This service cost is: $500

The “OH” so many benefits of having me clean the energy are:

  1. You do not have to buy all the supplies that I use on my end
  2. You do not need to block a 90 minute period of time out with no one else there and some of you do not have people there that are open minded and truly want to help you. If someone that lives there helps you/us & they do not believe…it goes nowhere
  3. I will cut all the chords to the people you need to be done with, if you are hung up on someone can’t seem to just let go
  4. We totally balance your aura and chakra’s during the cleansing & then you can do it yourself daily
  5. Your house just feels happy
  6. Your pets are happy & not stressed when you are gone
  7. Your life gets better that day of me starting the work
  8. You want to go home & stay there it is again relaxing

Email Readings: 

First of all it might take 3 to 5 days to get these answers – be patient.

Email Readings if you only have 1 to 4 questions you still need to prepay the $35 fee, if you only have 6 questions you still need to pay the $50.00 fee and no you can not hold or reserve a question for later because it is just too confusing for me to keep up with all of these emails – I get many of these per week. Please read below and make sure you really include a lot of detailed information to get what you are paying for, include birthdays, jobs, cities, states, kids names, where you want to move to, change a job from what to what, etc.

Please be very patient, waiting for my response to Email readings, I do all of these late at night and it can take 3 to 4 days to get your Email questions answered – phone readings are always my priority as it should be, so please be patient, and if you have a deadline don’t do an Email reading.

The “Oh” Deck Explanation
I normally do not need any tools or tarot cards, the OH deck is a like a gift from God! This deck is a miracle, add my psychic ability along with my psychology degree this is a forever life changing tool. It consists of two decks, one is large with the same word on all 4 sides, then a smaller deck, when I shuffle it,  I am asking the same question, then the picture goes onto the word card and together it tells your story and together we get your total answer to all / any of your life long questions. This reading can take up to two hours so be relaxed and be ready so that you can be totally psychically open.

The 90 minute special is always recommended to all of you:

To prepare for our session, I will meditate for 30 minutes and pull in your Spirit Guides before I call you. During that time, your actual healing has already begun. I will align your Chakras, cleanse your aura, speak to your guides (get their names for you to aid you with your daily meditation and prayers), and I will speak to your passed-on loved ones, you will be able to ask them many questions through me, and I will pass those messages on. We can include all your children, mate, and parents. But, not every relative you have!

We will look into your spiritual path, and see if you are on the right path for you. Look at your relationship patterns and help to change them for the better. Of course, we will cover all the usual questions about love, career, and past lives, chords you need to cut from your prior lovers, twin flames, soul-mates, and again any messages from your passed-on loved ones and/or guides.

We will accomplish so much in this 90 minute special that can’t be accomplished in the shorter sessions together. Please have a list ready with your questions, and know that I will ask you some along the way fair is fair!

NOTE about passed-on loved ones

If you wish to speak to your passed-on loved ones, you need to book at least a one hour time slot. It can take me time to reach them and then more time to interpret their answers/symbols/smells/sounds for you, so that we both understand the messages.

The 30, 45 and 60 minute readings

What to expect from a 30 to 45 minute reading, we will cover many things: love life, career and maybe a few other things. In an hour we can talk about everything but doing any energy healing work.

The 15 minute on the phone reading: This is no longer offered…..because we always go over….and many of you do not want to pay for the overage….so there are no more 15 minute readings……30 minutes is the shortest phone reading……you get so much more out of it … because you are not rushing & I am not trying to watch the clock so I can end your call…..this is not the way I like to work.

Free Psychic Readings For Client Referrals:

For every three people you refer to Tonya for a full hour psychic reading, you will receive one FREE full hour psychic reading.

Tonya accepts Visa, MasterCard or PayPal. If you choose not to use a credit card that collects interest, you can purchase a prepaid card with just the amount you wish to pay for your reading and use that with me at the time of the reading.

Tonya calls you if you live in the United States, Canada or Mexico otherwise you call her.