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Psychic Protections

Psychic Protections


People in our lives connect to us with psychic energetic chords. These are usually people that we have had intimate moments and/or contact with (good friends, family or lovers), which allows them to stay in your aura. It is important to remove the chords of the people we no longer want to have attached to us anymore, so that their energy will not stay entangled in our own. This is especially important regarding our exes, no matter how many of them we have in our past. Lucky you – you have Tonya Somers to do this for you – if you feel not strong enough to do it – can be included in the monthly healing program.

If you do not remove the psychic cord of an ex, any new potential mate will unconsciously pick up on the connection that binds you to someone else. I have done many readings for many people that have not had a date for another 20 years and do not know why, they are still connected to an ex. Or, even worse you will draw someone to you that recognizes that old energy as close to their own and you will find yourself in a very familiar bad relationship and the same bad lesson to be learned. Familiar is family you know your childhood issues – when you feel that familiarity – you should just run like crazy family issues just never go away.

Anyone can attach to anyone at any given moment, (read the aura section) even the person that drives by you and yells at you in traffic those words and those people can connect to you with a black chord, they need to be released daily to prevent future health problems. You can do the following:

Meditate and call in your spirit guides/angels and visualize all the black cords. Ask your guides/angels to help you disconnect to anyone who has sent you negative energy in any shape or form. Ask that all negative connections be broken.

Picture all the cords or webs attached into your body. Imagine a giant pair of scissors and cut all the black cords. Or better yet, picture yourself pulling those cords out by their very roots. Some roots go deep. Pull hard and do it with intention!

Any Epsom Salt bath, lavender bath or a coconut juice bath can help facilitate cord removal, have a white, pink, purple or green candle lit while in the bath. You may cry during this exercise – but that’s okay, it’s part of the healing process. It is important to note that the negative person may try to call you to connect with you very soon after this exercise. As you remove the black cords, see them and the person attached turn to golden dust and blow them away. You will feel great!

Buying One or More Than Gems to Protect You All The Time is Perfect Too!

Perfect for your home office, home, any office building, daycare, therapy/massage clinic, hospital, clinic, and every place we walk into or work at each day with other people’s energy.

Each day you need to ask for 9 or 10 large tall Nordic or Native American Spirit Guides to stand at every doorway/entrance and this will sound funny but ask them all to hold onto a Hoover or any kind of vacuum cleaner you wish it to be. The point is ask your Spirit Guides to hold the Hoover Vacuum up in the air and each time anyone goes into or out your doorway have them turn on the vacuum and suck off all the negative energy, so they do not bring it to you or take your good energy away. Simple – just remember to do it.

Sitting across from a drainer at any table or desk:
Imagine a disco mirrored ball between the two of you. Imagine a horse shoe aimed at the person in front of you and say or visualize (quietly): “May all your negative energy be taken into the horseshoe on the left side. May the energy be pulled into the middle of the ball and turned into Golden God Light. Let it flow back through the right side of the horseshoe. Only when it is transformed into the Golden God Light may it return to you as healing and healthy energy.

Akashic record breaking of your karma
Put yourself into a slight meditation and request the Akashic Record Librarian to come to you. Have the Akashic librarian bring to your feet your stack of books from the Hall of Records. These books (called the Akashic Records) will contain every past life you have had. They are your soul’s record.

Each library visit should be based on any issue many issues will come up each time the door opens. You might speak the names of people who are causing you pain or mental anguish. Perhaps money issues or health issues will be your focus. Example: “Please bring me all the books of every lifetime I have had in pain.” This can be done for prosperity issues, relationships, sibling rivalry, parental issues, attracting bad relationships, etc.

When you feel the books at your feet, imagine them disintegrating into a pile of dust. Blow them away with a golden tornado or you can imagine a hair dryer or strong wind fan. You can also help your loved ones & your young children early in life by gaining access to their records. But remember to only do what is for the highest good of the individual with love and pure intention in your heart.

How to protect you, your families, and your homes: 
One important aspect that has been coming up in all readings lately, is that you are all extremely tired, sore, swollen, and not social. This is a time to make ourselves safe. We have become like bears in our comfy caves, watching movies while tucked in blankets, and eating comfort food. The scary thing to me is the becoming so un-social, you can still live your life just use these protections daily.

One thing to know is that there are basically three kinds of people in this world: the takers, the givers, and people that walk in the gray and can not decide where they fit.

The takers know that they need other people’s energy in order to live their own lives, hence the word vampire was born. The givers need to give as much as the takers need to take to be healthy, but people who are like vampires dump their stuff on us like we are a big sponge. The people in the gray areas are what I call the walking dead. You can look at them and see they are not spiritually here anymore. They may check back in if drawn to do so, or they can become a walk-in and suddenly their lives will totally, and quite suddenly, change.

These are truly the days where the light and these dark energies are at battle everywhere: the grocery store, work, movie theaters, concerts, and doctor’s office, on the freeway, EVERYWHERE! With all the fear in the world about war, money, price of gas and food, depression onset in people who do not normally have it, and the political garbage that is surrounding us in the media, we need to use some kind of protection.

You all need to learn to do more psychic protections for yourself, your home, and for your loved ones. I have always had a page on my web site telling you how to do these simple things, which are now necessary to do daily.

The easiest one is this: breathe deeply 15 to 20 times a day at different times. This will ground you, and you will be less vulnerable. Remember smokers go smoke all day and night – they think it is

Here are something’s that will help you but not a must have:

  • Sage to burn in your home and work if possible.
  • Female smelling incense, or spray your own perfume/after-shave.
  • White, Gold, Green, and Pink Candles (no red or black.)
  • Lavender spray in a bottle to spray in your corners at work and home.
  • Salt Lamp or salt licks at home and office, hide them to suck up energy.
  • Salt to put around all your doorways and window sills.
  • Wash all your countertops and knobs with vinegar or ammonia.
  • It would be good to wear a cross, a crystal, and a ruby protections around your neck.
  • Yoga, meditation, drink a lot of water, and sleep as much as possible.
  • Feng Shui your home as well as you can so that money, health, and love come to you as easily as they should. No clutter in your office or home. Surround.

Here is a great visualization technique:
Once a day you and your family can sit in a circle in the exact center of your home. Have sage burning in a bowl in the middle of your circle. Place sea or table salt all around you–if you are alone, put the bowl in front of you and salt around you–then call in all of your personal spirit guides of the highest energy and light.

Imagine a tornado and a rainbow above your home, and pull each color of the rainbow, one at a time, down through your head, to your feet, and then all the way across the room. The order of the rainbow colors does not matter.

Now, ask the tornado to become purple and gold and to come down through your head, to your feet, then around the room. When you do this, not one person can see your aura, which means no more attacks.

Afterwards, put a bubble around you, keeping the tornadoes in your bubble, then this is the kicker: imagine the ruby red slippers around the outside of your bubble. NO one can nothing will be able to penetrate your red bubble, and you will not be drained by anyone. After you are finished, you can then place a dome over the building you live in, and make it ruby red too.

Protect yourself at least once a week.
Right now it is time for you all to protect yourself. Whether you have me do the work weekly, as many of you do, or you start doing all this for yourself, it is necessary to take the time to remove this negative energy from your surroundings.

Many of you have me on a monthly retainer, like an attorney, but it is the actual healing program. I get an Email that says “OK, work on me,” and I will do a 7 day clearing on you at the normal rate of $200. If you need me to help you clear out old, negative energy, please do not hesitate to contact me. Email is the best way to reach me. I can always get to you within an hour to set a time for your appointment. You can still leave a phone message, but you will get a quicker response from me if you will use Email instead. You can pay Pay Pal & the energy will be on the way.

Surround yourself in a bubble of protection (like the good witch in the Wizard of Oz) full of golden and purple tornadoes spinning inside with you. Picture mirrors facing outwards of the bubble. Say out loud: “I now ward off all negative energy sent in my direction. I now ask these mirrors to send back all negativity to the Universe and to turn the negative energy to positive light. Anyone who sends me any negative energy or thoughts will no longer be able to connect to me. I am now protected by angels/spirit guides daily.

If someone is sending you negative energy on purpose, you can redirect it back at them with the mirrors mentioned in the above exercise.

After you ground and center, allow energy to build up in your heart Chakra. See a green spiral spinning faster and faster. Then send the energy out into your eggshell shaped aura. Visualize this egg shape and see it surround you – even to the point of extending into the Earth just underneath your feet. Visualize and, if desired, say out loud that you shield yourself. At this point you need to set up the type of shield that you desire. There are many variations on this theme. The most basic is the mirror shield where any type of energy, good or bad, is deflected back to the sender. Another is a net or mesh shield that only allows good energy inside. Or your shield may take in bad stuff and then transmute it to good vibes. Or negative energy may be grounded into Mother Earth where she will then take care of it.

One may like to surround one’s self with a three-dimensional star of whatever color. There are many types of shield shapes, colors and functions; try different things and experiment. Shielding is very important because as you become more sensitive to energy, you become more sensitive to positive and negative energies. Shielding helps to protect you and, equally as important, helps to protect others from you! It is a good idea to shield when you know that you will be going to a public place or a tough situation (in particular, shopping malls, government buildings, police station and prison, and the like – trust us on this!). You may find that you will need to first do a quick grounding and centering to build up the energy to establish your shield. Of course, with these basic energy exercises, you may fine-tune and augment them to satisfy your particular yen.

How to recognize an energy drainer:
An energy drainer is a person that learns from an early age how to drain people of their life force. A drainer can make you feel ill, tired, drained and mentally taxed. These are the people who take and take and never give. Most people recognize energy suckers but still engage with them out of guilt or a sense of duty. Energy suckers tend to have messy lives. They are in a constant state of drama or trauma. And they are in constant need of attention. Energy Drainers have never learned the tools to find energy in a healthy way (exercise, meditation, etc.), so they become parasites.

If Your Mate is a drainer:
If you feel your mate is draining your energy – remember it may not be intentional. Perhaps they are naturally trying to remove the negativity from themselves and do not know how to properly get rid of the “waste” from such a removal. Because you and your mate has such a strong connection you might be taking on the “waste”.

Recite the same meditation listed above, before sleep at night. As you lay down in bed, visualize a 10 foot mirrored wall between you and your mate down the middle of the bed. Say to your mate (quietly): “May all of your negative energy goes far away from me, and you, way out to sea or over the mountains for the Universe to change to Golden Light to heal the planet and others.” Saying these words will heal your loved one and help you to sleep.

Intentional attack directly aimed at you:
This defense may be used every day. Imagine you are wearing ruby red slippers (Wizard of Oz) and spread the ruby energy all the way up into your body. You can also wear a ruby. Dark energy cannot penetrate rubies.

Defend your home from your neighbor’s energy:
Imagine a huge mirrored wall between your houses (or walls in an apartment). Imagine the wall is ruby red and all energy being directed at you will reflect back upon them. You can also purchase a small mirror to place on a window facing toward your neighbor.

Again, this acts to reflect the negative psychic energy. If you are in an apartment, and the negativity is coming from above or below you, place the ruby wall on the ceiling or the floor. Generally, this is a good idea no matter