Black: To protect you from dark negative energy coming your way.
Yellow: Life force – to remove depression and get you back into living each day.
Pink: To attract love with your heart chakra open and ready and good people to respond to you.
Orange: To open your sexual chakra up, so you can have love and want to have sex. Many people that have been abused constantly walk around with this chakra closed.
Purple: Total psychic protection and closeness to your guides, help you be more psychically open.
Blue: To help you with anxiety attacks, touch it breathe and they are gone.
Red: To remove anger from your aura and for psychic protection at all times.
Green: For money and good health to come your way.

NOTE: To help you in the best way possible, jewelry colors and shapes will be chosen from either Tonya or your Guides. You will need to wear your piece all the time so that you are in constant energetic contact with Tonya. Do not shower with them on, you can place them by your bed for safety and the work, but try to keep at least one with you at all times. This is so Tonya can work on you with the most energy and power to break your negative patterns, and bring you to the point which allows you to live the way you want to live your life.

Depending on the results Tonya is seeing, or until you or she feels it is no longer needed, this service can be renewed monthly. If you decide to start the healing service again your chip and Tonya will be ready to go.

Recharge of Gems: Once every 3 months, Tonya will send out an Email notice asking you all to lay your gems by your bed as she will be re-charging them up on a certain night, so pay attention to the emails. Many of you have purchased over 20 pieces, yes please place them all by your bed the next day they will feel very warm and ready to go again.

Words of caution: Do not let anyone else wear your gem–the stones are charged for you and you alone. However, if someone is really drawn to your gem, they probably need a healing pretty badly – so please send them to to purchase their own little piece of healing, you do not have to tell them you got it from a psychic, just send them to the site. If three people buy gems because of your personal referral you will get a set for free.

Sign up for the Monthly Wellness Program

One Time Healing Sessions

The second healing option is a 90 minute session, which includes a general reading with psychic healing, connecting with guides, and speaking to your passed-on loved ones. You will be able to ask many questions and receive answers. Tonya will then realign your Chakras and cleanse your Aura. She can also heal your headaches, body aches and pains.

As a healing intuitive, Tonya is able to connect inside your physical body for healing, very much like an X-ray machine. She can actually see if you are not grounded in the physical world, and help your Soul and your Body to become realigned, relaxed and settled. A full healing/reading takes around 90 minutes, and sometimes a follow up session is required for re-balancing.

By the time you are done with your healing, your aura and your energy will be restored to a newborn baby’s state! Within minutes you will feel a difference in your mind and body. You will also sleep better, you will be pain free, and you will notice a difference in your life.

She is ready to get to work for you and on you! It is her God given gift to be able to do this. Please let her share it with you. The monthly wellness program is so powerfully healing Tonya Somers has over 20 monthly clients and a waiting list of 40 people to get onto their person monthly wellness healing program. It also includes unlimited email questions.